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Coming to a Meeting in Your Galaxy !

First, a Happy 2016 to all at NC State University!  And, now that we’ve enjoyed a fine holiday season, it’s time to get moving in the new year!  With that in mind, I’m reviewing where I’ve been and where I still need to go.

In the last year, I’ve introduced the NC State Faculty Ombuds Office in some type of meeting (Department Faculty, leadership groups, individual Dean’s and Department Heads, and other meetings) in every NC State College.  All told, including all presentations, I’ve been in over 100 meetings connecting with more than 1500 people. And, while this is a good start from my perspective, there is still much to be done to spread information about the Faculty Ombuds Office.

With the idea of doing more in mind, I’ve decided to look for inspiration from our popular movies. I saw the Force Awakens over the holidays and my plan is to harness the power of a hyperdrive to visit all NC State’s Colleges and Departments in 2016!   Or maybe I should be thinking Star Trek instead – Scotty beam me over!

So, with the new year upon us, I look forward to coming to your department (your galaxy) soon !