What people are saying about ombuds services

Roy Baroff, the initial NC State Faculty & Staff ombuds, is retiring from the ombuds services on June 30, 2022. After 40 years in the conflict resolution field as a mediator, attorney, educator and, the last 7+ years as NC State faculty and staff ombuds, he is going to take a well deserved break! As a result, ombuds services are now temporarily unavailable. NC State supports continued faculty and staff ombuds services and will provide updates as plans are developed.

Faculty and Staff Comments

The ombuds office invites faculty and staff who contact the office for assistance to provide anonymous and confidential feedback via a survey. The following comments (verbatim except for some light editing for flow) are from faculty and staff covering calendar year 2021. (posted 1/6/22)

  • Roy was the one individual that I spoke with regarding my situation that was actually helpful. He was able to provide information that I would not have been able to discover on my own.
  • The entire process was smooth which was a relief given the anxiety around the reason prompting me to reach out to the Ombuds office. While I hope to not have to reach out again, I would not hesitate if I had too based on my experience.
  • I felt distressed about a situation with my supervisor and was concerned that I may lose my job for a situation I had little control over. Speaking with Roy helped me identify ways I could talk about the problems, suggested language that would be helpful to frame the issues and gave me agency to address the concerns with my supervisor. I am acting on the advice I received and having better outcomes. I know Roy is there if I need support in the future, and I really appreciate having the Ombuds resource for these sorts of concerns.
  • Roy offered valuable insight in helping me navigate through this situation. He invited me to “regain” my strength!
  • Roy is an excellent resource and a true value add to the university. He has a wonderful, calming demeanor and ensured that he fully understood the issue before providing suggestions. We are VERY fortunate to have him as a resource.
  • Roy is great, and it is good to have a confidential service like this. Keep offering Zoom and phone meetings as both are great options for those not working 100% back on campus yet. Thank you Roy for listening to my concerns and questions. I believe you truly heard them. While my situation did not get resolved as I would have liked, I do appreciate your support.
  • Roy could not have been more helpful. Very knowledgeable and sensitive to my situation. He is an invaluable for the health of our university.
  • Before meeting with the faculty ombud, I was frustrated with my career trajectory, and I found the culture in academia too mysterious and intimidating to navigate with confidence. I knew I needed help, but I felt that going to colleagues was too risky. After meeting with the ombud, I am more confident and equipped to build healthy relationships with my colleagues and build my academic career.
  • My experience was very positive and helpful. Contact was easy and quite rapid. The discussion gave me a great sense of how to move forward. I thought it was a very productive experience.
  • The Ombuds helped myself and my colleague to take a step back and look at how we got where we were in our relationship. His kind words and gentle encouragement and neutrality really helped calm my nerves and be more open to the process. It was a PLEASURE to work with Roy. And I am SO appreciative of the assistance he gave me and my colleague.
  • Conversations with management and HR [were not productive for me] and I planned to leave the University. I thought Ombuds (Roy) would know of a grievance or other action, but instead I came to understand and accept that my situation is not actionable. Roy offered to lead discussions with those involved and also suggested some other actions to make the situation better. That made me less angry and more hopeful and changed the way I viewed the situation. Although I still [have challenges with management] and will be ready to leave if necessary, I realize that right now I actually want to stay and continue the good work that I am doing for the University.