What people are saying about the ombuds office

Faculty and Staff Comments 2020

The ombuds office invites faculty and staff who contact the office for assistance to provide anonymous and confidential feedback via a survey. Here are comments received for 2020.


I’m so grateful that STAFF have access to this service. Many thanks to Roy for his assistance.

Roy was an excellent listener and responded with comments that let me know he heard me. He seemed to understand and offered concrete steps to help resolve the issues.

Roy was very courteous, explained confidentiality and addressed options for this situation. It was a great experience.

It was very helpful to have a confidential person to talk to about the situation. While I was already pursuing all paths discussed, it was helpful to clarify I was on the right path and to get an outside perspective on the situation.

Very helpful resource and support to have available for NCSU staff members. I would have quit my job, if it weren’t for Roy.

Roy was a huge help in my situation. I was able to talk through my issues with my supervisors and come to a clear understanding of where to put our energy into making things better. I feel like the issue I had has been resolved with the help of Roy’s kind and sensitive responses and recommendations. We now use Roy-isms regularly in the workplace (ie: fight problems, not people.) Thanks for your help!

Roy was beyond helpful by explaining what was happening to me (why I received a letter from the State Health Plan after a non-at fault car accident) and what the letter meant in terms I could understand. This not only confirmed some research I had done on my own, but gave me confidence and took away a lot of my stress. I am so happy I spoke to Roy and recommend everyone do the same!

The fact that it was confidential was a major reason I reached out to the office.


Very professional – extremely helpful.

This resource is an incredible asset to NC Faculty, Students, and Staff. I am not sure everyone realizes this resource is available, so highlighting this in orientation could be really helpful.

The Ombuds was very helpful. He helped me clarify my concerns, and helped me determine options and find resources. I found meeting with him very beneficial.

Thank you very much for this service! I wasn’t aware of it at first; someone recommended it to me. Is there any way to promote the service between students/stuff/professors?

I was impressed with the professionalism of Mr. Baroff and he came up with some suggestions that I had not considered. I discussed both of these ideas with my Department Head and followed through with one of them. I felt that the university contact who he recommended might be helpful was – that it made a difference in resolving the situation. It also gave me some comfort during a stressful time, as it gave a feeling of support from a university provided resource.

This was my first time consulting with the ombuds office. Roy is very personable, listens well, is responsive, and very timely in providing follow-up information with resources. I appreciate his attention to detail while looking holistically at the situation. After this experience, I think this is truly a valuable resource for faculty and staff that provides a safe, confidential way to sort through issues at NC State.

I appreciated the quick response and courtesy. The Ombuds was an excellent listener and helped me tease out the situation into manageable chunks to think about. The Ombuds was clear in explaining university processes and procedures and what I could expect from the situation at hand. I recommend speaking with the Ombuds to help with organizing your thoughts about how to face a difficult situation. Not only did the Ombuds give me some answers about ways I could think through the issues or resources I could use going forward, but importantly helped in alleviating some of the stress and fears in a highly tense context.

His explanation of most likely outcomes reduced my fears and concerns. Provided alternative proactive steps for me to pursue.