Meet the Ombuds


Roy Baroff is an experienced conflict management professional. He is an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, educator, and ombuds. He’s represented clients in a range of settings, mediates litigated cases, serves as an arbitrator, and he’s an adjunct professor (he knows what its like to be in the classroom). He received Ombuds training in 2007.

He is the NC State Faculty and Staff Ombuds and looks forward to working with you.

RJB professional photo

Roy believes that for most of us, we do our best when we can think through an issue with a trusted family member, friend, or advisor. The Faculty and Staff Ombuds role is just that – a confidential resource to serve as a sounding board, a coach, an information source, to help NC State Faculty and Staff discuss a situation and determine how to proceed.

Roy grew up in the Triangle, attended high school, college and law school nearby, and is honored to serve as the first NC State Faculty and Staff Ombuds.

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Contacting the NC State Faculty and Staff Ombuds Office or the Faculty and Staff Ombuds is not notice to NC State of any issue, complaint, grievance or claim.