Meet the Ombuds

Roy Baroff, the current Faculty & Staff ombuds, is retiring from the Ombuds Office at the end of this academic year. After 40 years in the conflict resolution field as a mediator, attorney, educator and ombuds he is going to take a well deserved break! As a result, ombuds services for new cases will be temporarily unavailable starting May 13, 2022 in order to finish up current cases and services. NC State supports continued faculty and staff ombuds services and will provide an update as to next steps when plans are finalized. Contact the ombuds at  / 919-515-7685.

The ombuds is on vacation and not available 5/16 – 5/20.

Roy Baroff

Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner / CO-OP®

Roy Baroff (he/him) is an experienced conflict engagement / management professional. He is an ombuds, mediator, educator and attorney. In the past, he represented clients in a range of settings, mediated litigated and other workplace cases and served as an adjunct professor (he knows what its like to be in the classroom). His current focus is serving as the NC State Faculty and Staff ombuds along with some additional mediations outside NC State and education (Roy teaches a Negotiation course once each year at Elon Law School).

Roy received ombuds training in 2007 and became a CO-OP® (Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner) in June 2017.  (The certification is earned via application and testing by the CO-OP Certification Board supported by the International Ombuds Association.)

For additional information on the office formation, here’s a 2017 story from NC State News.

Meet the Ombuds Program

Want to meet the ombuds? He will come to you (virtually while under cover-19 restrictions) whether its a 10 minute hello or a more in-depth presentation. He’ll come to your department, program, unit, division (you name it!) to provide information about ombuds services. Give Roy a call 919-515-7685 or send an email – to set this up.

Roy believes that for most of us, we do our best when we can think through an issue with a trusted colleague, family member, friend or advisor. The ombuds role is just that – a confidential resource to help empower people to reach their full potential, serve as a navigator and sounding board, a coach and information resource to help NC State Faculty & Staff consider a situation and determine how to proceed.

Roy grew up in the Triangle, attended high school, college, law school nearby and is honored to serve as the first NC State Faculty & Staff Ombuds.

What people are saying about ombuds services:

  • The ombuds was impartial and very comprehensive in assisting me to look at my issues from every angle and develop a plan to resolve it. I felt so much better after meeting with the ombuds. 
  • This office was very helpful in providing information and perspective on the situation I was in. As a result, I was able to sort things out with senior administrators and reach a satisfactory resolution.
  • I was very grateful for the prompt response from the ombuds to my request for a meeting when I faced a very emotionally charged and upsetting situation.
  • The ombuds was easy to contact and easy to talk with, while providing helpful information, referring you to other resources if he did not know the answer. I would recommend the office to others who may be hesitant to seek help with a university issue of most any kind.
  • For additional information visit the 2021 comments page.

If you are not sure where to go for help – GO OMBUDS !

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Contacting the NC State Faculty & Staff Ombuds Office or the Faculty & Staff Ombuds is not notice to NC State of any issue, complaint, grievance or claim.