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Ombuds Day – rescheduled at NC State due to visit from Michael!!

Well – here we are – the first ever Ombuds Day! An opportunity to celebrate ombuds and the ombuds role across the nation, the world and here at NC State University!

At NC State, we the Student (Mike Giancola) and Faculty & Staff (Roy Baroff) ombuds’, planned a roving open house across campus. We know you were planning to stop by at Park Shops, DH Hill, Talley, Vet School and Hunt to say hello (mostly for free ice cream or drink coupons!!); however, we have a big and fast visitor headed our way – our not so friendly hurricane Michael.

While Michael’s impact is not fully know, he is coming and will be moving fast with rain and wind and we don’t want folks out and about unless they absolutely need to do so.

Thus, we are rescheduling our Ombuds Day events. We’ll find another day in the next month or so and will look forward to seeing you then. Stay tuned (and stay dry today)!