Staff FAQ

Here are some frequent questions about Staff Ombuds Services at NC State:

Who does the Staff Ombuds serve?

All SHRA and EHRA non faculty employees of NC State. If you are not sure about your own status, give mw a call and we’ll figure it out together. Call Roy directly at 919-935-0922.

How is the Staff Ombuds office different from other University services?

An ombuds office has four core features that make it different from any other university service.  It is confidential, independent, informal, and impartial. Because of these features, some ombuds describe the office as “filling the gap” of existing services. Here’s a comparison chart showing the differences between an informal ombuds office and existing formal services. Formal v Informal Comparison Chart

Why and when should I contact the Staff Ombuds?

If you are not sure where to turn or what to do or whether you even want to bring up a workplace issue or concern, then the Staff Ombuds Office is a safe place to contact. One goal of the office is to be a comfortable place for people to bring workplace issues and get help thinking through a situation and developing options. Because contact is confidential (with only a few exceptions), you keep control of the information shared and get to make your own decisions.  As to when, early in a situation is better than later because if you come early you generally have more options.

How do I make an appointment with the Staff Ombuds?

It’s easy! Just call Roy at 919-935-0922 and together you’ll schedule a meeting. Roy can host you at his office, can come to your location, or meet you at some other nearby location.  You can also email Roy ( or (

NOTE:  Do not use email for confidential communications. All electronic mail messages in connection with NC State business that are sent to or received by Roy at his NC State email address are subject to NC Public Records Law.  Emails are retained and may be disclosed to third parties.