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Conflict Resolution

Jan 4, 2022

Conflict Resolutions 2022

It’s that time of year – time for New Year’s resolutions! You know – when we put into practice the well thought and well planned changes for our lives!!!  Right??!!  We’ve used the end of the year holidays to reflect, to recharge, and make plans for the new year – well maybe – and maybe not…

Nov 1, 2021

Some Dangerous Questions

When people are in conflict it is often difficult for them to gain perspective on the situation. People only consider the situation from their own perspective, they find fault and cast blame on the other, and they don’t listen. So, what to do? Consider “Some “Dangerous Questions.” At a recent Conflict Coaching Summit session organized…

Aug 9, 2021

The Dog Days of Summer

After a string of pleasant summer temperatures in the mid 80’s I realized that this is not our usual August weather here in central North Carolina. We usually have mid to high 90’s, high humidity, and thunderstorms with regularity – our dog days of summer. This got me thinking about that expression, so I looked…

Jun 14, 2021

Making Decisions

On top of everything that everyone has been through over the last year plus and as we enter this next covid phase of return to physical work spaces (for some) people are making decisions. And it’s a very challenging time to make decisions. Let me explain. We’ve been living in and through a pandemic. We’ve…

Apr 8, 2021

Leading with Dignity

At the recent International Ombuds Association (IOA) annual conference, we heard an excellent keynote address focused on dignity. Presented by Dr. Donna Hicks, from the Westford Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, she explained that there are three simple truths that guider her work around “dignity.” We all want to feel that we matter. When…

Dec 29, 2020

B I F F explained – a tool for 2021 !

Nov 17, 2020

Dealing with High Conflict Behaviors

Sep 28, 2020

Essentialism – the disciplined pursuit of less

McKeown identifies three steps to achieving less to be more successful. First, one must explore the “very critical things you want to pursue” by creating space / time to discern what is important. He encouarges you to develop a rountine – schedule time to just think! Second, once you’ve identified the critical elements, then eliminate…

Aug 31, 2020

Trust in the Workplace

When people come to the ombuds office with workplace issues, one of the prominent issues is about trust. Or rather, that trust has been “broken.” People explain how difficult it is to work in an environment where they can’t rely on people to do what they say they will do or provide one direction and…