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This page provides NC State Faculty Ombuds Office materials, University links, International Ombudsman Association materials, and items to help you deal with issues or conflicts that might arise.

Contacting the Faculty Ombuds Office or the Faculty Ombuds is not notice to NC State of any issue, complaint, grievance or claim.


Faculty Ombuds Office

The Faculty Ombuds Office served as a client for NC State Communication students as part of a Spring 2016 class. Students developed a Public Relations Campaign that was presented as a class project.

University Policies, Procedures & Rules


International Ombudsman Association


Dealing with difficult situations

  • It’s important to analyze and think through all perspectives when addressing a difficult situation.  In particular, it can be helpful to explore the underlying factors, the interests, that are most important to you and others in the situation. Consider using this tool –Issue Conflict Dispute Difference Analysis Tool
  • Here’s a model for approaching a difficult situation – THINK model
  • What’s your “Conflict Style” and how do you generally deal with difficult situations? Research in the conflict resolution field suggests that we use different “styles” in different situations with each being an excellent or bad choice depending on circumstances. We also generally have a style we prefer. Check out – Conflict Styles Information and you can even take a short quiz to get you thinking about your preferred style – Conflict-management-styles-quiz