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Canada Ombuds Promote the Fairness Triangle


As previously posted, I attended the International Ombudsman Association Annual meeting last month and wanted to share the Canadian understanding of Fairness. A panel of four Canadian Ombuds shared the stage and noted that as government ombuds, each had a mission to promote fairness for citizens served. As a result, the concept of the Fairness Triangle was developed to help people understand what being “fair”┬ámeans.

Here’s some material from the Saskatchewan Ombudsman explaining how fairness is defined in terms of Substance, Procedure, and Relationships. ┬áBased on the “satisfaction triangle” presented by Christopher Moore, The Mediation Process, the Canadian Fairness Triangle provides a tool for considering fairness.

While the NC State Faculty Ombuds Office is not a governmental agency like the Canadian Ombuds, nonetheless, fair process is important. I want to think more about the Fairness Triangle and determine how it can support the work of this office.

Fairness Triangle Screenshot