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Oct 11, 2018

Ombuds Day – rescheduled at NC State due to visit from Michael!!

Well – here we are – the first ever Ombuds Day! An opportunity to celebrate ombuds and the ombuds role across the nation, the world and here at NC State University! At NC State, we the Student (Mike Giancola) and Faculty & Staff (Roy Baroff) ombuds’, planned a roving open house across campus. We know you were…

Sep 27, 2018

Ombuds Day Celebrates all types of Ombuds – 10/11/18

I posted earlier this month about an historic event – the first ever Ombuds Day! And, as the day approaches, it has me thinking about the different types of ombuds. So, here’s a description of the three main ombuds structures based in part on material provided by the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section Ombuds…

Sep 11, 2018

Ombuds Day – 10/11/18

Meet your NC State University Ombuds’ across campus to celebrate the first ever Ombuds Day!! The American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section Ombuds Committee and other ombuds organizations including the International Ombudsman Association have set October 11, 2018, as ombuds day. Your NC State ombuds’ – Mike Giancola (Student Ombuds) and Roy Baroff (Faculty & Staff) will…

Aug 30, 2018

What’s Your Dream – The English Channel!

I’ve had a draft blog post sitting in my “back office” for quite some time and its time to bring it out! It started some time ago after hearing a great talk from Emmy winner and news commentator Byron Pitts who spoke at NC States’ MLK celebration. ┬áHe stated loud and clear for all attending that…