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It’s Halloween (yesterday)! What’s your costume?

I hope you enjoyed a fabulous Halloween! And, did you enjoy some sweets? In fact, I heard a fun and interesting Top Five list of candies yesterday morning from sports radio announcer Mike Golic, Sr. – 1 – Hersey bar 2 – Twix 3- Reeces Cups  4 – M & Ms 5 – Milky Way. The list was presented with all the in-depth analysis of a sports critique and the fun one might expect from an entertaining radio show. Golic, a self professed chocolate fan, made it clear that this was his list and he fully supported any and all other lists. So, what’s your list look like?  I was on campus yesterday afternoon and learned from one person that Reeces Cups and Oreo’s were number the top two (not sure if an Oreo is candy, yet its still a fine choice!) So, with all this in play yesterday, what does it have to do with being an ombuds?

Well, here’s your mild mannered ombuds (Clark “Roy Baroff” Kent”) getting ready for work yesterday morning. As you can see, we ombuds bring all manner of super powers to our work each and every day! “Just” like the sports folks, we provide in-depth analysis of issues, concerns, complaints and disputes although we do it in partnership with the visitor to our office.  We do this work in a confidential setting and from an impartial perspective that allows people to think through situations from all angles.  We also support informal options from all perspectives similar to Golic’s support for all lists of favorite candies!

Next time you want some help with your “list” of issues, concerns, complaints and disputes – Go Ombuds!