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Ombuds Office – Words of Support

With recent events fresh in our hearts and minds these are difficult times. The pain and anger are real. The demands and needs for change are legitimate. There are many avenues for support and there is much work to be done.

In this time, the ombuds office is here to support all faculty and staff at NC State. The ombuds role is independent, confidential, informal and impartial. It’s focus is to help people navigate their workplace experience, to support empowerment, identify and connect with resources, and coach people through conflicts. It is to help the university consider system issues and trend data in order to support its vision, mission and values.

From Chancellor Randy Woodson:

At this challenging time across our nation, and in our own community, we want to be clear where NC State leadership stands: We stand against and condemn white supremacy, racial injustice and all forms of racism and discrimination. NC State’s Black students, faculty and staff deserve a campus culture where they feel safe, supported, respected and valued. We are committed to doing all we can to protect, promote and advance diversity, equity and inclusion at NC State. (Full Statement – Grief, Anger and Needed Change)

From Vice Chancellor for Equity and Diversity Sheri Schwab:

Today, and every day, we denounce racism. We stand with advocates across the country and around the world in speaking out against discrimination in any form, and especially the deadly mixture of racism, violence and hate. We call in all persons of goodwill to join us in building an inclusive environment, at NC State and everywhere. Together we can build a community that fosters true belongingness and recognizes, respects and values people of all backgrounds and experiences. (Full Statement – Statement Regarding the Events in Minneapolis)

From International Ombuds Association President Melanie Jagneaux:

It is at times like this that I realize how very important our role as ombuds is to the communities we serve. As ombuds, we are called to help, to heal, to educate, and to find solutions to our visitors’ issues. Perhaps our call to help has never been more important than it is today. No one person can heal the wounds of racism or prevent them from recurring. But as ombuds, we can do our part to help people address racism and other issues of violence or exclusion. We can be a voice to address systemic issues and fair processes whether with our visitors, with each other, within our organizations, or within our communities. (Full Statement – A Call for Fairness & Justice)

If you are seeking help and are not sure where to turn – Go Ombuds.