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Perspective Together

In a recent interview, Leland Melvin, engineer and a retired NASA astronaut (he served on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis as a mission specialist) explained the importance of working together. He noted that his time in space provided a clear perspective for humanity.

“We were breaking bread at 17,500 miles per hour, going around the planet every 90 minutes. And that was when my head exploded, and I had this epiphany about our planet and looking back at it, getting this thing called the orbital perspective. I think we as a civilization need to take that thing that we get in space as astronauts. We bring this perspective home from space, to go back to space as a civilization of diverse people. It’s perspective together – that we work together, we live together, and we change the universe together.”

As the NC State Faculty & Staff ombuds part of my effort is to support Melvin’s idea of working together. Often, part of my conversation with a faculty or staff member seeking assistance is about how to work better together. About whether we can shift the conversation from me versus you to us against the problem? About whether people can rebuild trust – one small step at a time. 

We ombuds seek to “change the universe ” one conversation at a time.

Want to get some perspective on your situation and can’t quite make it to space? 

Go Ombuds!