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What and How is Next?

With the holiday season just behind us, it seems like a good time to think – what’s next in our workplace?  And, in addition – how’s next?  Meaning we might have an idea for what we are seeking yet how are we going to get there?  While these questions are often discussed with family, friends and colleagues, sometimes the issue calls for further assistance.  That’s where an organizational ombuds can come in and help explore these multi-layered questions.

The ombuds is independent, confidential, informal and impartial and because of these features, can be an excellent sounding board for both the what and how of workplace issues. That’s because the ombuds focus is on supporting people from an impartial perspective that allows for a far ranging discussion and analysis. The ombuds is independent and does not judge people. Thus, people can weigh alternative paths along with how each might be achieved.

In most cases, I encourage people to chose multiple options at the same time. Most of the paths do not have a sign at the beginning that states – this path is a dead end – don’t start it; instead, people start down the road and then can get to a dead end. And, when this happens, often the only choice is to return to the main road and then pick another path. Now sometimes one may be able to jump from one road to another or cut across a back yard, yet this is not generally possible.  Thus, head down multiple roads at the same time. Put energy into each direction as one determines and depending on the interest and/or traction of a particular path.

And, remember, if you are not sure of your path or just don’t know where to go – Go Ombuds!