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Ombuds 20:7 / Pros and Cons

Another Wednesday and another Ombuds 20! Twenty minutes with the ombuds to catch your breath, learn about ombuds services and receive a conflict engagement tip. Last week, the meeting started with everyone sharing something that made them smile in the last week. In this time of covid-19 it is important to celebrate positive experiences, particularly those that bring a smile to our face!

Then we did a meditative 3 minute body scan led by Katie Belusa, NC State Wellness and Recreation. Truly a chance to catch our breath! Thanks Katie!

As ombuds I can be your navigator, connector, support your empowerment, and coach you through conflicts. Its confidential, informal, impartial and independent. Want some help – Go Ombuds

The conflict engagement / resolution tool presented was simply the idea that every decision has Pros and
Cons. We explored the pros and cons of pizza for take out as a somewhat silly example (although it could be very important in your household). Pros – I love pizza, its a major food group . . .  Cons – we had it last night, its not on my diet . . .  You get the idea. Putting the pros and cons on paper or a white board in front of you helps you explore your thinking. Allows you to weigh each response and, typically, the decision for you becomes apparent. Usually after I do a pros and cons with someone, they almost take a step back, collect themselves, and say something like – okay, now I see all the reasons and know what I want to do. What’s on your decision making table? Try pros and cons to weigh your options and decide!

Hope you can join us at noon on Wednesday May 6 for the next Ombuds 20 !