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Ombuds 20:8 / Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution

Ombuds 20 continued last week (May 6th) with a Gratitude Meditation led by Katie Belusa from NC State Wellness and Recreation followed by a focus on the future and taking steps. Next Ombuds 20 – May 13th.

The conflict engagement / resolution tips included two of the eight steps outlined by author Dudley Weeks, The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution. Weeks considers those in conflict as partners to seek resolution. We focused on two steps – Look to the Future, Then Learn from the Past and Develop “Doables” (here’s Week’s Eight Steps).

Step 5 Look to the Future, Then Learn From the Past –  “Even though the past does indeed matter, we deny our own power and the power of development and change if we allow ourselves to be defined by the past, to be trapped in perceptions that use past patterns to limit present and future possibilities.”

Step 7 Develop ‘Doables’ / The Stepping Stones to Action – “Doables are specific acts that stand a good chance of success, meet some individual and shared needs, and depend on positive power, usually shared power, to be implemented.”

As ombuds, helping faculty and staff navigate their NC State workplace experience, I often ask people what they want the future to be. Then we work together to consider options. These options are about taking steps, per Weeks, that are doable. I ask people to think in “small” steps first with the idea to build momentum.

Next time you have an issue of concern think about the future first and try a small step. If you want some help – Go Ombuds.